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Game-Informed Risk Assessment? – A Labyrinth based toolkit for managing a good practice risk assessment workflow and guidance for open educational resources

June 28, 2011 2 comments

Just a quick post live from #elhealth2011 – just seen Stewart Cromar from Edinburgh University talking about “labyrinth” as used by the MEDEV toolkit –

Also had very brief discussions with Stewart and PORSCHE team about the possibility of implementing a similar system at another institution – I think it has the potential to fulfil our deposit use-case for ACErep (and OER in general) . Basically the toolkit leads a user through the process of file-upload, metadata addition, appropriate licensing and syndication to several destinations – Jorum, other repositories*, Web 2.0 services like You-Tube.

*I’ve also been pestering one of the MEDEV developers about implementing SWORD which would be fulfil this requirement (as I understand, currently syndication to Jorum will be by RSS harvest.) He’s sat behind me so will try to get him to comment here!

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