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EPrints & SWORD – can you help?

August 4, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve installed Stuart Lewis’ EasyDeposit sword client – – and configured it with several sword endpoints covering the several repository platforms we hope to deposit into: (Thanks to Dave Tarrant) (Thanks to Phil Franks)

I’ve been able to successfully deposit into and into the NDLR (also DSpace) but the client fails with the EPrints training install with a generic error message – I don’t know EPrints very well so don’t know if it’s a problem with EasyDeposit or the configuration of the EPrints repository I’m trying to deposit into. I can see two collections in the client (see below) and had a quick rummage around in but can’t see an obvious way to configure collections [am Training Admin]….any EPrints folk out there able to help?

(It also won’t yet work into IntraLibrary but that’s due to the fact that EasyDeposit packages as METS and IL only accepts IMS-CP.)

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