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OAI harvest and PORSCHE: Testing intraLibrary 3.5

December 15, 2011 1 comment

Quick recap: a requirement of PORSCHE was to transfer metadata between Jorum and the NHS eLearning repository:

The primary aim of the PORSCHE project is to provide “seamless access to academic and clinical learning resources to healthcare students”… “establishing the basis for a long term national partnership between the NHS and academia by sharing of appropriately licensed content between Jorum and the NeLR”.  To achieve this, PORSCHE has been exploring metadata transfer between the two repositories using OAI-PMH. Jorum is currently running on a modified DSpace (v1.5.2) and the NeLR on intraLibrary (3.1) both of which will of course expose an OAI-PMH feed, however, there would be an additional requirement for each repository to ingest each other’s feeds which is functionality that is not currently supported by either platform, though it is supported by the NDLR running on a later version of DSpace (v1.6) while PORSCHE are currently liaising with Intrallect to develop similar functionality in intraLibrary.

Along with the PORSCHE team I’ve recently been testing a pre-release intraLibrary 3.5 which now includes an OAI-PMH harvest facility so that the metadata from external repositories can appear as a “collection” in intraLibrary. In the context of our own ACErep project, for example, this would also allow us to harvest the ALPS collections from the repositories at the University of Leeds and York St John, thereby offering a form of federated searching as collections are all brought under the standard intraLibrary search mechanism.

harvest admin

Harvest admin allows multiple harvests to be set up with the relevant oai url; user selects the desired collection (oai set) from the drop-down.

Selecting the OER collection from the Leeds Met repository (corresponds to OAI set=23) I am able to select harvested metadata format (dc or lom) and type of harvest (All Records, Since Last Success, From Date), time to run, and select intraLibrary Group/Process and Collection:




…and then, crucially for ACErep, I’m able to search my harvested collection (called mrnick) by SRU:

Not sure yet when we’ll be able to get intraLibrary 3.5 but it should then be straightforward to harvest ALPS collections from the University of Leeds and York St John and search all ALPS resources across the three institutions from an ALPS branded interface.

In the context of PORSCHE, when the NHS is running 3.5 they will be able to harvest relevant collections from Jorum (e.g. HE – Medicine and Dentistry) into the NeLR.

<setName>HE – Medicine and Dentistry</setName>

Work to achieve similar from Jorum is ongoing via liaison with PORSCHE – see also my post on the UKCoRR blog at and this recent post on the Jorum blog on Coming improvements to the Jorum UserExperience


ACErep update for the PORSCHE Executive Board meeting on Wednesday 10th August 2011

August 12, 2011 Leave a comment

This was the final meeting of the PORSCHE Executive Board – I attended by telephone and submitted this written update from ACErep:

After initial testing of the EasyDeposit SWORD client with the Jorum development server (see April 6th update) we have now configured the client with a SWORD endpoint for each of the several repository platforms we hope to deposit into. These include a demo install of DSpace – – the NDLR (in lieu of Jorum), the WRRO EPrints repository and our own intraLibrary repository.

We have been able to successfully deposit into and into the NDLR (also DSpace) but the client fails with EPrints with a generic error message. I have not yet established what the problem might be and queries have been raised with ‘’ and ‘’.

SWORD has now also been implemented at York St John (Archivalware) and is currently being tested – I have not yet been able to test with EasyDeposit.

DSpace, EPrints and Archivalware should all accept METS packages but in order to deposit into intraLibrary it is necessary to extend EasyDeposit to package as IMS – negotiation is currently underway to carry out this work in partnership with Intrallect hopefully in time for the ALPS Showcase on 16th September* (there will still also the requirement to standardise Application Profiles across the repositories).

In terms of repository cross-search it was suggested that we may be able explore doing this via the DSpace (v1.6) API (the version run by the NDLR) though I have not yet seen any documentation though our content has now been successfully harvested into the NDLR (test install) via OAI-PMH.

* This work has now been scheduled for w/c 29th August

Game-Informed Risk Assessment? – A Labyrinth based toolkit for managing a good practice risk assessment workflow and guidance for open educational resources

June 28, 2011 2 comments

Just a quick post live from #elhealth2011 – just seen Stewart Cromar from Edinburgh University talking about “labyrinth” as used by the MEDEV toolkit –

Also had very brief discussions with Stewart and PORSCHE team about the possibility of implementing a similar system at another institution – I think it has the potential to fulfil our deposit use-case for ACErep (and OER in general) . Basically the toolkit leads a user through the process of file-upload, metadata addition, appropriate licensing and syndication to several destinations – Jorum, other repositories*, Web 2.0 services like You-Tube.

*I’ve also been pestering one of the MEDEV developers about implementing SWORD which would be fulfil this requirement (as I understand, currently syndication to Jorum will be by RSS harvest.) He’s sat behind me so will try to get him to comment here!

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Project update

March 4, 2011 1 comment

One of the most challenging aspects of ACErep continues to be working across multiple institutions and organisations and recently progress has stalled somewhat as we liaise with our partners and wait for development work essential to the overall infrastructure.

In November last year we were able to build a prototype using Xpert which harvests OAI-PMH from our repository at Leeds Met and which we are then able to selectively search by keyword. We had initially hoped to work with Jorum but at that time there was no Open API, nor were there any plans to harvest by OAI-PMH, so we liaised instead with Pat Lockley of Xpert who was able to help with both requirements.

A lot has happened since November however, both at Xpert and Jorum. Pat is moving on to another (OER related) post which raises questions for us around the sustainability of that service now it has lost its key developer and I have been working with the PORSCHE project at Newcastle University which aims to provide seamless access to academic and clinical learning resources for healthcare students primarily from the respective collections in Jorum and the NHS National eLearning Repository (NeLR). As such, PORSCHE has also requested that Jorum harvest by OAI-PMH and provide an open API; the project team includes the Jorum service manager Hiten Vaghmaria as well as Kate Lomax of the NeLR (which, like Leeds Met’s repository, is also based on intraLibrary.) Jorum have now released a first iteration of an open API and hopefully both projects, and the UKOER community at large, can now work with the national OER service to develop that API to meet our requirements – PORSCHE’s Suzanne Hardy has set up a the Jorum API discussion space (wiki) at I am, in fact, yet to contribute to the discussion myself partly due to a lack of knowledge around API development – I’m far from clear, for example, how we may most effectively use an API to return just a subset of the resources in Jorum (i.e. ALPS/medical resources). In the Xpert prototype we just filtered on keyword but this feels a little unsatisfactory and Pat suggested a custom URL search would be better…

The other pieces of the jigsaw are repository-shaped and variously lacking the dove-tailing standards required to make the model workable. At Leeds University the learning and teaching repository is ExLibris’ DigiTool while York St John have a system called ArchivalWare, both systems are OAI-PMH compliant but do not support SWORD – development work is underway to rectify this at York St John while Jodie has set up an out of the box test install of e-prints to investigate OER object management.

Mike has also made some progress with EasyDeposit which is now working on a Leeds Met server and, after a few teething problems, will now successfully deposit a METS package to Jorum (DSpace), we will still need to test with EPrints (METS should be OK I think) and ArchivalWare when SWORD is integrated with that platform…probably METS again. There is an issue with intraLibrary, however, in that it only accepts IMSCP by SWORD, not METS, so we will also need to write an IMS content packager for EasyDeposit.

We are very grateful to Tamsin Treasure-Jones of ALPs for her continued support with this challenging project and I’m hopeful that all of these pieces can be put together over the Spring and Summer as we move towards a local, regional and national infrastructure for sharing medical teaching, learning and assessment material with an approach that will have the benefit of digital assets being preserved in one location (an institutional repository) while providing several points of access as well as allowing the ALPS branded web-site and the institutional repositories to “piggyback” on Jorum’s Google pagerank and improving discoverability.

Branding, repositories, OER and awareness raising: some thoughts on embedding OERs

February 3, 2011 Leave a comment
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Plug for ACErep on John’s CETIS blog

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

John Robertson of CETIS discusses ACErep in his recent post “workflow and deposit tools for learning materials” –

I’ll comment on John’s post soon!

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