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ALPS Mobile Learning Hackathon and wiki

August 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently I attended a “hackathon” at the University of Leeds, a day long event which brought together programmers and educators/clinicians/information managers to work together on developing apps to support learning and teaching. It aimed to be an informal, fun day of sharing, learning, meeting new people and exploring the exciting possibilities opened up through the use of mobile technology.

It was decided to set up a wiki to record the event and to serve as a discussion space, see


ACErep update for the PORSCHE Executive Board meeting on Wednesday 10th August 2011

August 12, 2011 Leave a comment

This was the final meeting of the PORSCHE Executive Board – I attended by telephone and submitted this written update from ACErep:

After initial testing of the EasyDeposit SWORD client with the Jorum development server (see April 6th update) we have now configured the client with a SWORD endpoint for each of the several repository platforms we hope to deposit into. These include a demo install of DSpace – – the NDLR (in lieu of Jorum), the WRRO EPrints repository and our own intraLibrary repository.

We have been able to successfully deposit into and into the NDLR (also DSpace) but the client fails with EPrints with a generic error message. I have not yet established what the problem might be and queries have been raised with ‘’ and ‘’.

SWORD has now also been implemented at York St John (Archivalware) and is currently being tested – I have not yet been able to test with EasyDeposit.

DSpace, EPrints and Archivalware should all accept METS packages but in order to deposit into intraLibrary it is necessary to extend EasyDeposit to package as IMS – negotiation is currently underway to carry out this work in partnership with Intrallect hopefully in time for the ALPS Showcase on 16th September* (there will still also the requirement to standardise Application Profiles across the repositories).

In terms of repository cross-search it was suggested that we may be able explore doing this via the DSpace (v1.6) API (the version run by the NDLR) though I have not yet seen any documentation though our content has now been successfully harvested into the NDLR (test install) via OAI-PMH.

* This work has now been scheduled for w/c 29th August

EPrints & SWORD – can you help?

August 4, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve installed Stuart Lewis’ EasyDeposit sword client – – and configured it with several sword endpoints covering the several repository platforms we hope to deposit into: (Thanks to Dave Tarrant) (Thanks to Phil Franks)

I’ve been able to successfully deposit into and into the NDLR (also DSpace) but the client fails with the EPrints training install with a generic error message – I don’t know EPrints very well so don’t know if it’s a problem with EasyDeposit or the configuration of the EPrints repository I’m trying to deposit into. I can see two collections in the client (see below) and had a quick rummage around in but can’t see an obvious way to configure collections [am Training Admin]….any EPrints folk out there able to help?

(It also won’t yet work into IntraLibrary but that’s due to the fact that EasyDeposit packages as METS and IL only accepts IMS-CP.)

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