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Trigger presentation at eLearning in Health 2011 Conference

I will be presenting a trigger presentation at the eLearning in Health Conference to be held on 27th and 28th June at the Aston Conference Centre in Birmingham. Conference web-site is here, abstract below.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

– Learn more about the developing institutional and national OER infrastructures supported by JISC
– Discuss how these can be streamlined across the sector and improved/adapted  to more fully support subject specific requirements (e.g. health)


The ALPS CETL repository project (ACErep) is examining the requirements of a repository infrastructure in local, regional and national contexts to more effectively facilitate sharing and reuse of appropriately licensed medical teaching, learning and assessment material.

Three institutions in the ALPS consortium – the University of Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan University and York St John University – all use different commercial platforms for their teaching and learning repositories. In addition there is the national HE/FE repository Jorum, and the NHS National eLearning Repository (NeLR).

Informed by a user-group of institutional stakeholders, the goal of ACErep is to develop a clearly branded web-site from where staff at the respective institutions can:

  • deposit resources into their own institutional repository
  • cross-search the repositories from a single interface

In addition, we have developed ties with the JISC funded PORSCHE project at Newcastle University which aims to provide seamless access to academic and clinical learning resources for healthcare students primarily from the respective collections in Jorum and the NeLR.

The project utilises well-established repository technologies and has adapted an Open Source client to differentially deposit into a user’s institutional repository and liaised with Jorum to harvest metadata from multiple repositories. ACErep and PORSCHE are also working with Jorum on their development of an Open API (Application Programming Interface) upon which we can build a bespoke search portal. This work, in turn, builds on a prototype developed in collaboration with the Xpert repository at Nottingham University.

This approach will have the benefit of digital assets being preserved in one location (an institutional repository) while providing multiple points of access as well as allowing the ALPS branded web-site and the institutional repositories to “piggyback” on Jorum’s Google pagerank thereby improving discoverability.

The presentation will comprise a summary of the ACErep project to date; the emphasis will not be technical though technical implications and requirements will be discussed.

Attendees: eLearning professionals in health related fields

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