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The ACErep project, of course, is focussed on selective deposit into multiple repositories and cross-search of those repositories.  However, not having been involved in ALPS from the outset I feel a little ignorant of the precise nature of those resources.

As I understand it, one type of resource is an instructional video that can be accessed from a mobile device in a Practice Setting and there are a series of such videos in LUDOS and DigiRep.  Our repository at Leeds Met, however, has been conspicuously lacking any ALPS resources so I thought I’d do some experimentation with one of these resources to see how they behave in the respective repositories when accessed from both a mobile device and a desktop browser. (presumably these issues were considered as part of the main ALPS project?)

The video I chose is called “Measuring Seat Height” and can be found in LUDOS and DigiRep but I couldn’t figure out how to link to it in either system and just get a “Session expired” pop-up in DigiRep and “You have not performed a search” in LUDOS – find it by browsing from http://ludos.leeds.ac.uk/ludos/ and  http://www.yorksj.ac.uk/library/resources/archive/index.aspx

In LUDOS, the resource includes a URI that – in a desktop browser – opens a separate window that plays the .flv and also includes two links to download the .flv OR a .3GP (for a mobile device)

I downloaded both the .flv and the .3GP and uploaded them both to the Leeds Met repository:



In addition I uploaded them to JorumOpen:


Incidentally, good old Xpert harvested us overnight so the .flv is available from there too (not yet the .3GP as I only uploaded it this morning – 05/11/10):


A desktop browser cannot play a .flv so would need some sort of player to display from http://repository.leedsmet.ac.uk/ – presumably both LUDOS (DigiTool) and DigiRep (ArchivalWare) include such a player as the video does play in both those systems; intraLibrary, however, does not appear to include such a facility and FireFox and IE gave me the option to save or open with QuickTime (Chrome just downloaded it); the .3GP did play in browser (FF and IE – again Chrome just downloaded it) but when I tried the .3GP on my iPod it tried to play but then I just got an error message saying “Server not Configured Correctly” – I tried it this morning on @DebbieMN‘s iPhone with a similar result except Safari seems to have got stuck in a loop that we can’t now stop! (I did post the link to Twitter so I hope I haven’t broken anyone else’s phone!)

@Unicycle_OER suggested that iPhone/iPod will need the new vlc player from the app store to play a .3GP so I’ll try that later on my own device.

ALPS used an alternative mobile device to Apple i-stuff i think so I’ll have to get hold of one to test further…

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  1. Pat
    November 5, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    Does the repository do content negotiation?
    Am wondering if the FLV and the 3gp should be the same item?

  2. Nick
    November 8, 2010 at 8:05 am

    I don’t think so – every resource has it’s own metadata record though can link them with some LOM shenanigans. Mike could may be code it into Open Search but that wouldn’t help with content negotiation from Xpert…unless you also do some clever coding;-)

    Can have multiple resources tied to a single record in Jorum but pretty sure that doesn’t negotiate either…

  3. Pat
    November 8, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Any web server can do some content negotiation, but we’d need to know that this resource was the same as this resource but for mobiles.

    I could make a mobile xpert in, erm, five – ten minutes

    Hmmmm, metadata issues….

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