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Workshop brief

July 20, 2010 5 comments

As a starting point – here is the summary captured by Jakki in Elluminate (and tweaked a bit)…it’s a bit rough and ready but hopefully we can flesh out on the blog today and I’ll put it into a word.doc to disseminate to participants this week (i.e. tomorrow at the latest!):

  • Consult with stakeholders
  • Discuss user experience
  • User expectations
  • What do users want?
  • Do they know about OER repositories?

20 people in workshop (we hope!).  Do we demo repositories?

(Yes – need a scene setting presentation – I’m happy to do this but we can all muck in.)

Possible outline:

5th August for delegates

6th August for synthesis/forward project planning

(May be able to do it all in one day if workshop in the am)

9:30am – 1pm followed by lunch.

Leeds City Centre location inc lunch & refreshments

1st session (9:30-10:45):

Establish current user/stakeholder experience level and what they currently use (inc oers, Google, Flickr etc)

Include ALPS visions as background/intro

Refreshments (10:45-11:00)

2nd session (11:00-13:00):

Led by outcomes of 1st session.

  • What are users’ priorities?
  • How could they/would they use them?