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ACErep and JorumOpen?

An interesting perspective was brought to the project meeting last week that could potentially have a significant impact on the ongoing technical consultation; Simon Thomson was the project manager on the recently completed JISC funded Unicycle OER project at Leeds Met which has developed a prototype system for deposit and reuse of OER into both the Leeds Met repository and JorumOpen, the national repository for OER; he was interested in the rationale for a bespoke interface for ALPS CETL resources and suggested that, instead, we should perhaps aim to integrate with the developing national infrastructure.

Simon’s suggestion generated considerable discussion and will require further exploration with other members of the steering group not present at the meeting; it was emphasised that there were specific deliverables required by the ALPS CETL in terms of a bespoke portal though it was acknowledged that we should certainly aim for a solution that can integrate with JorumOpen whether in the context of the current project or in the longer term.

One suggestion, for example, though necessarily speculative at this stage, was to liaise with Jorum regarding harvest and aggregation of OAI-PMH from the three repositories that could be searched from JorumOpen itself – using a specific tag – and/or upon which we could build a bespoke portal to search ALPS CETL resources. Such an approach, perhaps, would also address sustainability issues beyond the life-time of the project.

Simon also highlighted two other JISC OER projects that may have synergies with the current project and that we should liaise with:

• MedDev OOER – http://www.medev.ac.uk/oer
• UK Centre for Bioscience OER Project – http://www.bioscience.heacademy.ac.uk/resources/oer/

I have now had a preliminary conversation with Jorum who said that EdShare at Southampton are also interested in OAI-PMH functionality and indicated that they are close to releasing a beta implementation of a tool to harvest OAI-PMH from the Jorum repositories and that it may well be possible to extend this to other repositories.  I hope to learn more soon.


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